Knight-Venator Broden Lorde

The Knight Arrives.


image.jpegAn Unlikely Hero…
Broden Lorde joins the quest with a mysterious agenda,
In his armour, Lorde is easily recognizable as a Knight Venator of the Stormcast Eternals. A fearsome winged hunter, a predator that glides through the skies above the battlefield raining death upon the enemies of Sigmar for the Order Grand Alliance.

However, as the knight arrives at the entrance to the Silver Tower, teror falls upon his fellow champion, and ally during this quest.

Lorde arrives seemiengly out of no-where, but it is not a golden knight that stands before the Tower, but a bulky silhouette of muscle and claws. A giant Xenos Monster that could tower over any proud champion of Sigmar.

The Hulking creature was certainly not what was expected, but his glowing presence, along with the bow on his back, and the fierce Star Eagle that accompanied him, suggested that this was The Knight Venator Broden Lorde, who was to join this quest.

… Or was it the creature that killed him?

…Either way, he was certainly a welcome companion in regards to the combat skills he would provide, but what was his agenda?

What does he hope to achieve from finding the Gaunt summoner?
And will he be reliable?

….find out more soon…..


Knight-Venator Broden Lorde

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